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Why Do Most Salespeople Struggle?

If you are having trouble winning deals, getting ghosted by your prospects, or losing to the competition it’s likely due to a few things.

  1. You aren’t talking to enough potential clients who are predisposed to want what you offer
  2. Your potential clients don’t think you’re the best one to buy from

You see, you’re up against an army of salespeople who have a quota to make so they are constantly hammering their prospects with, “I’m just following up to see if you’re still interested, are you ready to sign, etc, DO YOU WANT TO BUY?, HUH, HUH, HUH?”

Let’s be honest, they are pestering the prospect. They are seen as a pest, not a helper.

Most sales are won or lost at the beginning of the sale. Your goal is to find out if,

The prospect has the problem you solve

If it’s urgent for them to solve

If you can solve it for them

If they believe you’re the best to solve it for them

If you get the answers to these questions on your first call with your potential clients you’ll either move forward or you’ll professionally walk away from the sale after the call. There will be no chasing, or following up.


  1. Get a steady flow of quality leads
  2. Craft an outstanding offer and get to a No or Yes as quickly as possible, then move forward

You want to spend the majority of your effort and time with the right people, not chasing those who aren’t a good fit. Many of us spend far too much time with people that are not a good fit, versus spending time getting in front of those who are.

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