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Will accept equity for helping your company with growth if your business is suitable

Overview & History

In 2006 I started a growth consultancy helping hi-tech companies predictably attract & convert B2B buyers. Since then my clients have generated 100’s of millions of dollars in sales and over $2 Billion in successful exits.

In the first few years of the consultancy, I realized that we had developed a winning formula for identifying and growing successful companies so, we pivoted from being a traditional consulting firm compensated via a monthly retainer to an equity consulting firm and this brings us to today.

Will accept equity for consulting if your business is suitable

I consult exclusively for equity in businesses.

I WON’T take any fee, nor any retainer. I aim to get 15-25% equity in a given stable (but underperforming business). My equity kicks in above and beyond that business’ current growth level and growth rate.

Meaning, if a business is at $1,000,000 in annual revenue and trending at 10% annual growth, my equity kicks in above that point.

I don’t give equity partners monthly tactical support. Rather once a quarter I immerse myself with the owner(s) and strategize the highest-and-best growth and profit-maximizing steps to follow for the next quarter, then the next, etc.

I receive profit distributions equal to my earned equity interest. And when an exit event occurs I receive a pro rata share of the purchase price.

If the business is already at least moderately successful, not coming close to performing at the growth and profit-generating levels my involvement could potentially produce, then we might just be a fit for working together.

So I thought I’d do a non-binding request, here for expressions of interest on your part — assuming you own a business doing at least $1,000,000 and preferably larger.

If your business is somewhat profitable, reasonably stable and you are not taking all the money out — meaning there are resources I could meaningfully leverage up exponentially — I’d be interested in talking.

No guarantees I’d do a deal with you. No obligation on your part either.

I’ve always been able to help grow almost ANY type or size business almost anywhere in the world. The problem has been that most couldn’t afford my six- / seven-figure base fee.

So, maybe this equity for consulting model is a mutually agreeable way we can find a basis to collaborate without any out-of-pocket payment expense to me on your part.

But before you reply please know this.

  1. If the business is smaller — unless it’s a literal “money machine”, I don’t want to consider any equity for a consulting arrangement (there just isn’t enough upside in it for me) — unless I got a far, far larger share of the equity. Even then I’m probably NOT interested.
  1. Next if the business isn’t selling a highly ethical, somewhat or extremely proprietary product or service I may not be interested.

However, I have engineered rather ingenious ways to give commodity-type businesses proprietary and competitive superiority. But they paid me handsomely.

On a pure upside equity basis, the deal would have to be significantly attractive — or I’m not interested.

  1. If giving me 15-25% of profits and net worth increases you would have never had without my expert contributions turns you off — don’t reply.

By the way, in any deal I might make — I’d only get equity kicking in above a benchmark “baseline” (above and beyond your current performance level today).

Any equity I earn would also be sellable back to you at a discount over the market valuation at three-year intervals if you wanted 100% ownership back once (and of course IF) we grew the earnings and value of the business manifold.

If this intrigues you and you think your business might correspondingly intrigue me — connect with CONTACT INFO HERE. Or, you may schedule a brief phone chat at a mutually convenient time by “clicking here”.

Contact Me

If there’s a good match then we’ll talk confidentially about deal possibilities.

I’m also interested in at least exploring this path because so many hard-working entrepreneurs never sell their businesses — because they aren’t sellable. Or they sell them for so little the entrepreneur can’t even afford to retire — unless they’ve invested wisely.

I want to help create more wealth and prosperity for a bunch of deserving entrepreneurs and get outsized “deferred compensation” as my reward for doing so.

So let’s see what possibilities might exist for both sides.

Contact me by clicking here

But, please don’t do it unless you have a business worth looking at.


“Jeremiah was a key contributor in the growth and led Proposal Software’s SEO and lead generation…a leading SaaS player in an important sales enablement niche…for years. We never made an outbound sales call and perfected a lead generation pipeline that defied a lot of conventional thinking. It was his tireless manipulation of the Google search toolbox, plus persistent systemic trial and error that made the difference. A pleasure to work with and a thorough professional. Definitely a value added addition to any virtual effort.”

John Laurino Founder & CEO – (Successful exit)

“Jeremiah is one of the best I've worked with & hope to work along w/ him again in future. He was able to assist KnowledgeStorm sell Search Engine Marketing Services to over 50 clients. He is always abreast with SEM and SEO news & always has strategic ideas related to Search Engine Marketing..”

Sadiq Punjani – Head of SEO & Local Search Marketing – Truist (Formerly SunTrust Bank)