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Helping Great Businesses Grow, Scale, and Exit

(Only exit if you want to šŸ˜€)

What People Are Saying

Jeremiah was a key contributor in the growth and led Proposal Softwareā€™s SEO and lead generationā€¦a leading SaaS player in an important sales enablement nicheā€¦for years. We never made an outbound sales call and perfected a lead generation pipeline that defied a lot of conventional thinking. It was his tireless manipulation of the Google search toolbox, plus persistent systemic trial and error that made the difference. A pleasure to work with and a thorough professional. Definitely a value added addition to any virtual effort.
John Laurino Founder & CEO - (Successful exit)

If your sales have slowed down, you’re losing deals to your competition, or you’re simply not growing as quickly as you’d like, let’s chat.Ā  I’ve been helping companies fix their revenue challenges for over 25 years. My clients have generated millions of dollars in annual revenue and have had a combined exit value of over $2 Billion dollars. I’ve learned a lot working with my clients. I love helping great companies do even better – Jeremiah Baker

Jeremiah Baker

Kevin OLeary

Discussing how to spot good product ideas with Kevin O'Leary (Mr. Wonderful of SharkTank)

Had the opportunityĀ  to spend time with Mr. O’Leary and discuss product ideas and learn about how Shark Tank works behind the scenes. He said “We could tell a product was good when the staff on the rush rushed to get the samples.” We also attended the 1640 Family Office event together.


Discussing startups with Tony Blair

Had the opportunity to discuss starting and running business with the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair.

Having a chat with William Shatner

Had the opportunity to have a chat with William Shatner after a podcast interview. What a guy!


Creating a Partnership With the Founder of Spartan Race & Gronk Fitness

Having a good time with my friend the founder of Spartan Race.

Congressman Joe Kennedy III

Discussing public service with Joe Kennedy III.

Arabian Prince NWA

Lunch meeting to discuss new business opportunities with my good friend Arabian Prince, founding member of the hit music group NWA.

Letā€™s Talk

Happy to set up a time to chat to see if and how I can help you.