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How to stop prospecting and cold calling forever

Nobody likes to cold call call or prospect that’s just the plain truth.

Most sales people would rather spend the time talking to people who are interested in what they have to sell.

Unfortunately in most organizations that I’ve worked in most sales people spend their time looking for someone to sell to also known as prospecting and they usually do this through cold calling.

The reason most sales people are not sales people isn’t because they aren’t good sales people it’s because they spend all of their time just trying to find someone who is a good fit to sell to. Not fun, not productive.

Being good at sales is all about positioning.

In my experience when I have a really good solution to sell and it’s at the right price right benefits right features, and I have a steady flow of people who want to speak to me about my offer I’m in a really good spot.

In my sales career I’ve been most accessible when I’ve been able to create marketing systems that only attract qualified individuals who truly want help solving their problems and I have an offer that is better than all the other options out there to my prospects.

In this day and age we don’t need to prospect and cold call anymore to be successful.

My clients and I currently use attraction based marketing to reach our target customers and get them into our sales funnel.

We use platforms like:

  • Google Adwords
  • Search engine optimization
  • Facebook advertising
  • Targeted banner advertising
  • Email marketing

These platforms allow us to create systems that constantly put us in front of our target audience. These systems also generate a steady flow of sales leads on a daily basis.

Wouldn’t you rather have a steady flow of leads coming into your inbox from people who already are raising their hands and saying they want to talk with you?

I once asked a vice president of sales what I should do to better sell our products and services his response shocked me!

He told me to take my business cards and travel around the office Parks leaving my business card with the front desk.

Sadly many people in executive sales roles are so removed from making sales on a daily basis that they have no idea how to attract warm qualified prospects and turn them into paying customers.

If you want to stop prospecting and cold calling you must develop marketing systems that attract people who already know what you do believe in how you do it and want to talk to you.