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B2B Marketing Ideas That Work!

I know you are sick of all the fluff out there so I am only going to show you the B2B Marketing Ideas that have helped me sell millions of dollars in business to business sales.

Search Marketing

Get ads and organic listings on Google and the other major search engines. This has been huge for me and my clients. The reason this works so well is that your customers find you when they are looking.

What’s easier. Bugging someone until they buy or getting an email from someone who wants to talk to you about your products and services?

I’ll take the 2nd option any day. Search marketing lets you get leads when customers are looking to buy. This is huge!

We used search marketing to generate just under $1million dollars in revenue for one of our businesses this year in 6 months time. Search works. Anyone who tells you that search does not work for b2b is off their rocker! Don’t listen to them!

Note: Google ads and SEO are not easy, but once you get them working they are super powerful. Don’t throw money at search and expect great results. You MUST know what you are doing or you will just waste money.

If you get rankings and good ad campaigns you are very likely to have a steady flow of warm inbound b2b leads . Search can change your life as a b2b sales person. We love search.

Your Customers and Other People’s Customers

Ok, this one shocks me!  I work with many companies and I would say 1 out of 3 companies had not marketed to their existing customers.

Come on man!

Your customers are like your ATM machine. They are the easiest to sell to because they already know you and like you and they’ve already given you money. This is huge!

I can’t understand why more companies don’t treat their customers better and market to them. Don’t spend all your time chasing after new customers when you likely have a database of customers that you can reach out to right now and talk to.

Now, here’s another big b2b marketing idea that works really well and is often times overlooked!

Work with strategic partners who sell to your audience but do not directly compete with you. There are many other companies that have a customer list that are ideal potential customers for your business. Work with these companies, get them to contact their customers on your behalf. Pay to have this done or setup a sales commission structure.

This works awesome and you don’t have to waste money on bad advertising.


Don’t waste time on anything until you first reach out to your own customers.

Once you have an active plan for selling to your existing customers, then and only then use advertising.

Search marketing is my favorite because it has made me and my clients a lot of money. It works. I don’t have to think about it, it just works and has proven so time after time.

Please reach out to me with your questions and I’ll help as much as I can. Now, go sell something 🙂