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How To Make Sure You Always Win At SEO

Yes, SEO is great when it works for you, but most of the time it is a big waste of time and money.

I am telling you this because our clients are using SEO to attract leads and customers every day. I’m not just pitching you theory at you.

The ugly truth is that you must know what you are doing and what you’ll get before you spend a dime on SEO services.

Here’s the approach that we use to make sure we always win at SEO:

  1. We use Google Adwords to bid on our desired keywords first. We track everything so that we know which keywords are generating traffic, leads and customers. This lets us know exactly what words to focus on when it comes to SEO.
  2. Once we know which keywords make us money from our Google Adwords testing we then target these keywords in our SEO efforts.

Most people go about SEO all wrong and almost always fail.

  1. The start by guessing which keywords are best
  2. They spend a lot of money and time (months to years) to get rankings
  3. Sometimes they get rankings and sometimes they don’t
  4. When they do get rankings after spending thousands of dollars and months of time they find out that the words they rank for do not generate revenue for them
  5. FAIL!

You can avoid this failure by using Google Adwords or any other PPC search marketing platform to first determine which keywords generated revenue, then you focus your SEO efforts around these keywords.

If you get rankings for these keywords you can be confident that you’ll make money from them. This is the smart approach.

To your success,

– Jeremiah



How To Sell More Products & Services By Letting Your Customers Find You When They Need You


Look, if you want to sell more “stuff” you need to be seen as a “helper”.

When you cold call and use interruption based advertising to reach your customers you are often time seen as a pest.

Think about it, do you feel trusting when someone calls you out of the blue and wants to sell you something? I didn’t think so!

One of the best ways to be seen as a helper is to use search marketing to put yourself in front of your potential customer when she is searching for a solution to her problem.

You then provide her with helpful information that positions you as the expert and the helper.

This simple process can make the difference from sales success versus failure.

Make yourself the trusted adviser and not the uninvited  pest.

Obviously there are a lot more details around how search marketing works, but the point is to use it so that you can reach your potential customer when she’s looking for you versus the other way around.

– Jeremiah