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Here’s a little about me and what I’ve done

Jeremiah Baker

Jeremiah Baker

Sample Success Stories

  • In college Jeremiah created a web development & banner advertising design firm where he built advertisements for firms like Pfizer, Hartford Insurance and many more. Jeremiah and his team also built the first National Soccer Hall of Fame website.
  • In 1999 Jeremiah was invited to speak at an all company conference of 400+ attendees where he discussed the future of the web and customer relationship management software (CRM). He was then invited by Siebel systems to speak at their National seminar series in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. Siebel Systems was named the fastest growing company in the United States in 1999 by Fortune magazine.
  • In 2002 at age 24 Jeremiah helped a technology training firm double sales utilizing a cost-effective lead generation strategy to drive new business. Full article from Google
  • He then helped a major financial firm build a powerful email marketing strategy that generated over $1,000,000 in sales in its first 3 months.
  • His next success went from a fresh start to $330,000 in online sales in less than 7 weeks with only $16,500 invested in advertising.
  • He also grew a new B2B technology marketing service to $996,000 in sales with over 60 clients in just 8 months. This firm later sold for 58.6 Million dollars.
  • Jeremiah helped a technology firm generate a steady flow of B2B sales leads. Two years later that firm was purchased by a large technology firm for 105 Million dollars.
  • Jeremiah now spends a portion of his time as an owner at a Network Security firm where he is responsible for attracting new customers. He has helped earn customers such as:
    • Casinos
    • Banks
    • Hospitals
    • Cloud SAAS firms
    • Data storage
    • Governments
    • Financial wealth management
    • Wholesale distribution
    • Large e commerce
    • Law firms
    • and many more.


“I’m very impressed with how many new leads and customers we’ve been generating as a result of you working with us.Very nice Job!”

Network Security Firm


“How In 2002 an Inexperienced 24 Year Old Helped Double Revenue In Just One Year For a Hi-Tech Company Using The Power of Google AdWords”

Dear Marketing Professional,

I’ve had the opportunity to help over 60 Hi-Tech companies realize the power Google AdWords can have on their business and I would like to share my story with you.

Here we go!

It was mid summer in 2001 and I was hired by a Technology Training firm to help them build a series of new websites to promote their business online.

If you recall 2001 was right in the middle of the dot com crash. It seemed as if all business had come to a halt. No one was buying anything!

How I got the AdWords bug!

My client had been in business for about 5 years with less than stellar sales numbers. Their main source of sales were from cold calls and print brochures that they would mail out to prospects (if you’ve ever done anything with printing and mailing brochures you know that it is quite expensive).

Simply put, cold calling and mailing brochures weren’t bringing in enough sales for the company to stay above water.

Believe it or not Google AdWords did not exist at this point. Google was just a simple search engine that provided great free search results. This was before the time of any Google IPO talks. Most companies at this time didn’t even know what Pay Per Click Management meant, nor were they using it.

I digress, better get back to the story.

OK, after a few strategy sessions we decided rather than reaching out to companies through cold-calling and out-bound marketing efforts we would let prospects who were searching for IT training find us first by using Pay Per Click Management

Wait a second, you just said Google AdWords didn’t exist! So how did you use Pay Per Click?

Well, before AdWords there was this little Pay per click search engine called, now called Yahoo! Search Marketing 🙂

Our Strategy

After much research we discovered that our prospects were searching for IT training near the major metropolitan areas in which they lived.

Presto! We found gold.

We needed to focus on search terms around our offerings and the major metropolitan areas (cities) in the United States.

We conducted keyword research to determine the exact phrases our prospects were searching on. Put up several hundred Pay per click ads, built landing pages and turned on the traffic!

Wow, we didn’t know what we were in for with our Pay Per Click Management programs…

Within a few days our phones started ringing off the hook. (Mind you, we were a company of about 10 employees at this time.) Our CEO ran down the hall, what is going on? Our phones are ringing constantly and we don’t have enough employees or phone lines to handle the calls.

We immediately ordered 11 new phone lines and began hiring employees to answer the phones.

Needless to say, I was hooked. This pay per click thing works!

A few months later Google sent us an email stating that they were launching their AdWords program. We jumped on board right away.

Obviously we were doing well before Google Adwords, but when we turned on AdWords we experienced a flood of traffic and believe it or not better quality traffic. Google even used our work as a case study on their website which you can see here… Google Showcases Our Work


At this point I decided to devote myself to mastering AdWords to help companies generate new business the smart way.

What came next…

I continued to work with client’s helping them generate new business with Pay Per Click Management and here’s what happened…

In 2004 I helped a small technology firm generate over $300,000 in revenue in the first 7 weeks their site was online. This was done using Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing. The best part is that we only spent around $16,000 in advertising to generate $300,000 in revenue. Talk about ROI.
I then had the opportunity to help a major credit bureau generate over $1 million dollars in revenue in 3 months using email marketing to promote their products online.
My next experience was growing an online lead generation service to over $950,000 in 8 months time.

Again, I was hooked. There is no better feeling than helping companies generate sales leads and actual sales by using smart marketing.

Thanks for reading my story. My story is not meant to be a bragging session. I simply wanted to show you how Google AdWords can positively impact your business if done right.