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#1 – The first step in every sales process. Don’t screw this up!



Look, most of the crap you have have been taught about sales is wrong (unless you are crushing it and selling a lot, then ignore what I’m about to say here. Just keeping doing what you are doing.)

Here’s the problem with most sales people:

They are slinging a crappy pitches onto the world the and nobody is interested in what is being sold.

See, nobody cares that you have a quota to meet or that your boss is going to fire you if you don’t perform. All people care about is that you are going to give them what they want and make them look good for buying from you.

So, if you are out there just begging people to buy from you without you taking the time to determine if you have something good to offer to the world then you might as well pack up your bags and just give up.

If you want to get better at selling then you need to get invited to sell and there are tested, proven ways to do this.

One of my favorite ways to get invited is to prove that your offer will turn $1 into $4 for your customers if they buy from you. Dan Kennedy the great marketing legend refers to this as selling money at a discount. You are just proving that you are giving back far more value in return than you are asking for in the sale price.

If you don’t have an inbound lead generation program where people are asking to speak to you then you are going to have to go out and get invited to present your sales message.

It doesn’t matter if you are cold calling, using direct mail, writing online ads, email marketing etc. You still need a good message so that you get invited to present your sales message.

Here’s an example of such a message:

Imagine you are targeting businesses that you know are spending thousands per month on advertising and you know they are wasting money and you have a way to slice at least 20% off their monthly ad spend while improving the results they get from their current campaigns by helping them get more leads and sales you could present an ad like this or a cold call message like this one below…

If I could show you how to cut your monthly ad costs by at least 20% per month while improving the results from your current ad campaigns helping you to get more leads & sales each month you would be interested, wouldn’t you? Click here/Call this number for my free report/set appointment, (some call to action).

Note: If in this short 20 minute call you don’t feel that I can help you save money and make more money from your current ad campaigns you can hang up the phone and I’ll give you a $50 gift card of your choice just for your time to show you how much I value your time.

Can you see how this is so much better than just pitching some crap offer on people. Don’t you think that more people would respond to an offer like this than a simple cold call that brings NO value?

Do you think this could work for you? Let me know why or why not below.

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