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It’s not your fault that you’re not reaching your sales goals and here’s why

Are you sick and tired of not making your sales numbers every quarter?

I know that you’re working really hard and you’re just not able to make it work out for you and here’s why.

Sales managers across the country are telling their sales people that it’s their fault they’re not making sales.

Personally I think it’s a bunch of crap!

I’m going to work purely off of my experiences and you can let me know if they’re similar to your experience.

Does your sales manager say any of these things?

  1. You just need to make more calls if you want to make more sales.
  2. You should be talking to everybody out there that you can tell him about your products and services.
  3. Your biggest problem is it you’re just lazy and not motivated enough.
  4. It’s just a numbers game you keep at it long enough you’ll get better.

These are the lies that I heard over and over my sales career and I used to believe them.

The truth is sales is really easy when you have a steady flow of leads coming in from potential customers who already know that they need their problem solved they want to solve and they believe that you can help them do it.

It’s marketing and sales job to create this type of system for their sales team.

I get really irritated when you see these vice president and sales manager sitting in their office just yelling at sales rep to sell more and they’re not doing anything to help them sell more.

The truth is I can count on one hand the number of organizations that I have run into that have a really good inbound lead generation program running.

Most organizations just have a group of people hammering the phones and dialing for dollars and this is bad for a few reasons.

  1. One it’s not very effective.
  2. To it makes your organization look like an unwanted past instead of an invited guest or advisor.
  3. You burn through sales people like crazy.
  4. Your people are not happy and they’re not making very many sales.

In my experience I have never been more successful and when I had a finely tuned inbound lead generation program running the filled my inbox each day with warm leads of people were looking to solve the problem that I solve.

When you have this scenario up and running all you really end up doing is becoming a solution provider and sales are relatively easy to make compared to any other way of selling.

There are so many ways to generate inbound leads today that it shocks me that people don’t have better inbound lead generation programs.

Your are a few of my favorite inbound lead generation strategies.

My most favorite is Google ad words because it puts me in front of people are searching right now for what I have to sell.

Email marketing is another favorite of mine. You can email your existing customers and leads to generate new business. You can also be included on someone else’s email list so that you can get your message in front of their leads and customers through a joint venture. You can buy solo ads and email distribution from a third-party and you can rent a spot within a newsletter for me third-party.

Social media advertising campaigns on LinkedIn Twitter and Facebook also work well because you can target your ads to specific people with specific job roles specific companies they work for etc..

Those three inbound lead generation strategies are usually enough to get a steady flow of leads coming in.

What’s your biggest lead generation question?

What tip would you like to share here?

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