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This proven sales formula helped me sell millions of dollars in B2B products and services

Please don’t take this lightly. This is not some fluffy post like you see on other sites. I’m sharing the same sales formula that helped me sell millions of dollars of B2B products and services in multiple industries selling to C level executives and managers. The formula is called, P.A.S

PAS stands for Problem, Agitate, Solution

PAS is my favorite sales formula because it just works. It has been tested over and over. The truth is that everyone wants to avoid pain and to solve their problem(s). If you sell a solution to a nasty problem then PAS will likely work very well for you. In short, you simply introduce the problem, you agitate it with facts and examples of how nasty the problem really is, you then present the generic solution, then your solution that matches with the generic solution that the prospect just agreed with. You then add sales turbo chargers to this formula such as:

  • Testimonials
  • Clients you’ve solved problems for
  • Guarantees
  • Case studies
  • Media mentions
  • Payment options
  • Premium bonuses

Sample Success Stories

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  • In 1999 Jeremiah was invited to speak at an all company conference of 400+ attendees where he discussed the future of the web and customer relationship management software (CRM). He was then invited by Siebel systems to speak at their National seminar series in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco.
  • In 2002 at age 24 Jeremiah helped a technology training firm double sales utilizing a cost-effective lead generation strategy to drive new business. Full article from Google…
  • He then helped a major financial firm build a powerful email marketing strategy that generated over $1,000,000 in sales in its first 3 months.
  • His next success went from a fresh start to $330,000 in online sales in less than 7 weeks with only $16,500 invested in advertising.
  • He also grew a new B2B technology marketing service to $996,000 in sales with over 60 clients in just 8 months. This firm later sold for 58+ Million dollars.
  • Jeremiah helped a technology firm generate a steady flow of B2B sales leads. Two years later that firm was purchased by a large technology firm for 105 Million dollars.

Conclusion: Don’t enter any sales situation unless you are using a structured sales formula that has been proven to work. Ask questions, listen a lot. You should NOT be the one talking the most. You want people to tell you what is bothering them.

You want to clearly be able to tell your prospects why they should buy from you versus all the other options available to them.

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