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How To Generate More B2B Sales Leads Today!

Here’s my favorite strategy for generating B2B sales leads fast!

As a sales person I want to get in front of people who are looking to buy what I have to sell. I do not want to cold call into companies and beg them to buy from me.

The best way to do this in my experience is to use a “Paid Search Engine Marketing Campaign” like Google Adwords.

Here’s the process works:

  1. Setup a Google Adwords account
  2. Select 1-5 keywords to target at most. What keywords are your prospects searching on that are most targeted? We help our clients with this process.
  3. Set your daily budget in a very controlled fashion so that you do not ever get out of control and waste money.
  4. Add negative keywords to your campaign to keep unwanted clicks and costs from coming in.
  5. Create a free guide to give away in PDF format. We help our clients create the best guide possible for their business.
  6. Write 2 ads that promote the free guide based on proven ad copy techniques.
  7. Setup conversion tracking so that you know which keywords are generating clicks, leads, and sales.
  8. Setup a landing page like the one below ( this layout works very well)


Best Landing Page Example

This simple process has generated $100,000’s of dollars for our clients in new sales. It works well because it allows you to get in front of your prospects when they’re looking for you.

According to stats you are 2X as likely to close new business when the prospect finds you first versus you cold calling them and making the first point of contact.

You want to be seen as the trusted adviser, not the unwanted pest.

Let me know what you think. Do you have any questions?

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