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A few companies that I have consulted with.

Imagine If You Could Find A Proven Solution To Cutting Up To 20% Off Your Pay Per Click Advertising Spend Every Month & How To Take Those Exact Savings & Put Them Toward Your Money Making Campaigns- Would You Be Interested In Knowing More?

Jeremiah Baker
Jeremiah Baker

Most people running Google Adwords ads don’t even know that they are wasting money. Since 2003 we have audited hundreds & hundreds of Adwords accounts and almost every one of them was bleeding money.

See if you qualify for our audit where we’ll show you how to cut your monthly pay per click advertising spend by up to 20%  and if you honestly feel I wasted your time, you can hang up the phone and I will never bother you again. You don’t have much to lose, you have a lot to gain.

Can we help you cut up to 20% waste off your monthly Adwords spend ?

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Important! I can’t help everyone. If you do not already have a business where you are making a least some sales it is very unlikely that I will be able to help you. On the other hand if you do have a business that is attracting customers right now I can likely help you a great deal.



A few of the companies that I have worked with




and many, many more…


What people are saying…

“I’m very impressed with how many new leads and customers we’ve been generating as a result of you working with us.Very nice Job!”

Network Security Firm

President, Ziegler corporations, – Bright, versatile and intelligent. Jerimiah impressed me when we first met several years ago. At the time I was trying to hire him as my corporate IT Director. I have a high level of respect for this young man and his abilities. JIM
Ziegler corporations

Jon Fukuda UX Research / Strategy / Design / Process Management & Delivery -&- Co-Founder / Principal @ Limina Application Office I have repeatedly turned to Jeremiah for outstanding best practice and leadership in SEO, Pay-Per-Click and Strategic Marketing best practice, both for my own company and for my clients. Whether it’s consulting through opportunity discovery, strategic planning, or campaign monitoring and management, Jeremiah consistently delivers high value return on investment for every dollar spent. I give a full throated endorsement and highly recommend working with Jeremiah and his associates!
Limina Application Office

“Jeremiah’s extensive experience implementing online lead generation programs using Google Adwords helped significantly reduce our average cost-per-lead and dramatically increased the number of inbound leads from our website. Within the first month, Jeremiah helped drive our average cost-per-lead in Google Adwords down by 400%. Jeremiah saved us an avearage of $56.17 per lead. If you want to generate more & better sales leads using Google Adwords I would highly recommend Jeremiah Baker.”
Enterprise Call Center Software

Jeremiah is one of the best I’ve worked with & hope to work along w/ him again in future. He was able to assist KnowledgeStorm sell Search Engine Marketing Services to over 50 clients. He is always abreast with SEM and SEO news & always has strategic ideas related to Search Engine Marketing.
S. Punjani

“Before we started working with Jeremiah on our “pay per click advertising strategies” we were paying very high fees for clicks and leads. Within the first year of him optimizing our program we saved in the tens of thousands of dollars, increased traffic by more than 50% on our website, and increased leads, sales and ROI on our marketing campaigns. It has been and invaluable lesson for our marketing team, and we’ll continue to work with Jeremiah to bring results to more products in our portfolio.”
Oil & Commodities Trading Software Firm

“Our company finally reached the point where we needed an expert to run our Google Adwords account, even though we were doing quite well with our account as it was. Inside of two weeks Jeremiah had implemented changes to our account that increased our conversion rate by over 10%, and took the guessing game out of the entire process. Quite frankly he is the expert, and his program is perfect for a small business owner who requires more flexibility. He’s not a “cookie cutter” search engine specialist who puts all of his clients into the same “program”. He spends the time on the phone with you to understand everything, and makes the changes that work for your specific company.”
Insurance Firm